ewbaite 17 Listing

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Hi everyone - Today we are pumped to share with you the good news that the recording sessions for EWBAITE are finished, and finished on time as planned. However, we’ve unfortunately learned some additional news that’s not so cool - We have to release EWBAITE one week later than planned, on Oct 7. This is a bummer and we really hate to make our fans wait longer. We worked very hard to finish the album on time for you, so we’re really sorry about this and hope you understand.

As a thank you, everyone who preordered the new album on pledgemusic (preorder here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/weezer) will receive a new song from EWBAITE on Sept 30, so they can get a taste of the album before everyone else. This applies to any new preorders too.

Thanks so much for following along with weezer Wednesdays, the new webisode is coming soon today! And thanks for for all your support, we cant wait for you to hear this album!

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Getting it ready to fly, 8/13/14 Southaven, MS

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The preshow practice session. Southaven, MS 8/13/14

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The preshow practice session. Southaven, MS 8/13/14

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ewbaite 16 “I’ve Had It Up To Here” Pt. 3

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Post @braves game rock in Turner Field, 8/12/14 #atlanta

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Rivers manning second base at Turner Field at soundcheck today. 8/12/14

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Brian is ready - pinch hitting his specialty. @braves

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Preparing the stage for soundcheck here at Turner Field.

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